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Training Session
  • What kind of training programmes are run at the centre?


Selected candidates are inducted into a high-performance training program designed to enable them to compete and win at global competitions like the Olympic games, World Championships etc.

  • What athletic items are being trained at the centre?


The centre places an emphasis on Horizontal jumps (Long Jump and Triple Jump).

  • What is the age group considered for selection to the centre?  


13-16 years

  • What is  the criteria for selection to the centre?


Candidates are scouted and selected from competitions across the country ranging from school, state and national championships.


  • Where and when shall the next selection be held?


Trials will be notified through social media broadcasts.

  • How are the expenses for selected trainees met?

All selected candidates are offered a full scholarship which covers their food, training, equipment, education and accommodation expenses.

  • What arrangements shall be there for education of trainees?


ABSF shall make suitable arrangements with nearby educational institutions for    the education of the selected trainees.

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